France Advancing Into the Future

The New Yorker provided and excellent article about a hydrogen power plant that the government is building that will provide almost infinite energy to anyone who uses power coming from it.  The power plant will be a vacuum filled with trillions of hydrogen atoms.  Then, the inside of the vacuum will heat up to enormous temperatures without melting the metal.  The extreme heat will create the hydrogen atoms to move.  This will make the hydrogen atoms fuse creating huge amounts of nuclear energy with only one millionth of normal nuclear energy’s nuclear waste.  This spare nuclear waste will be drained of its resources until it will basically not exist making the power plant, in some sense, have no energy waste at all.  This is good for the environment and our television sets.  The power plant will create about 1 trillion newtons of kinetic energy per collision which will be converted into electrical energy which will be able to power our homes.  We will no longer need to burn coal or fossil fuels.  We can finally let those dinosaurs rest in peace.  We will get almost infinite amounts of energy which could help some buildings kick start their route to becoming a self sustaining energy source.  Buildings won’t need to become self sustaining energy sources because the infinite amounts of energy will provide them with plenty of energy.  Plus, our electric bills will be either very small or non- existent.

Hydrogen atoms cannot continuously make energy.  So where are we going to get hydrogen?  Won’t we run out?  Wait a minute, what is the most abundant element in the universe?  HYDROGEN!!!  We will be able to take hydrogen from outer space and then use it in the generator.

If one generator runs the entire world, that is kind of dangerous.  What if that generator blows up or goes dysfunctional?  We will need an array of these generators.  We will need hundreds of them spreading all over the world.  We will finally have real power and not worry about how much power we have or worry about losing power during huge storms.  We could just have another generator use power the area that lost power.  Also, we would not have to work about saving the environment because cars, trains, busses, buildings, factories, and any other utility that damages the environment  will be using clean energy.

Now this project may not be done until about the year 2040 or later.  Then, we might not be able to save the environment at that point.  So just for now, keep nature clean and give her a chance to regain her strength.